Envision a fully-featured, safe haven provided expressly for the loved pets of our
deployed service personnel. Beyond a mere boarding kennel, those serving
overseas will soon have a supportive and caring home for their companion animals
while they serve. Nutritious meals, comfortable beds, private runs and
individualized care will all come standard, with options for each dog to enjoy
supervised group play, short outings, and even training opportunities. Special
features such as on-site therapies for canine massage/TTouch, hydrotherapy, and
other supportive care round out the full-service aspects of what Heroes Refuge will
offer pet guests during their stay in our home away from home. Heroes Refuge
will provide a home while our overseas service personnel protect ours.

Imagine a sanctuary dedicated to caring for retired police and service K9s. After a
lifetime of protecting our communities, retired working dogs will find a caring home
to spend their days, instead of being consigned to euthanasia. Warm beds;
nutritious, 100% natural meals; and individualized attention by caring staff
experienced with working dogs will engender a sense of well-being in each retired
K9. Free running exercise as well as appropriate activities geared towards the
interests of high-drive working dogs will provide enjoyable outlets for these canine
retirees. A comfortable home, loving care, and attention to interests all will await
each K9 welcomed to our facility.

Heroes Refuge. Peace of mind for those who serve. A caring home for retired K9s
who have served us well.
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